Kool-Aid DIY Dye Job.. YUPPYSCUM style

We all remember the kool-aid man, that big ole red pitcher, always appearing in the summertime, splashing around with his “ohhh yeahhhhh’s” and enticing us to come party with him. Well, with 24 coming right around the corner (literally, my birthday is at midnight), I cannot really speak on the  Kool-Aid drink itself, but for hair dying purposes, that is a entirely different story. Dying hair with Kool-Aid SCREAMS 90′s, which is what makes it appeal to me even more. I am always trying out new things so  when a couple months ago NYLON magazine kindly reminded me of this nostalgic method I longed to try when I was a kid, I knew it it was  time for a little  YUPPYSCUM experimenting.

I was really happy with the outcome, and for less than $10 my piggy bank was too. If you are looking to add some color to your do but want to test the waters first, this is a good starter. With no harsh chemicals and an inexpensive cost, I couldn’t really ask for much else out of a “dye”.

Before I get started I would first like to make it clear that I am not a hairdresser and I have never been to hair school. Results from dying your hair with kool-aid, let alone any dye, may vary. Factors such as hair color, condition, and frequency washed will impact your results. I am naturally blonde, I take good care of my locks, and my hair takes very well to color. If you have dark hair, this is probably not your best route. I did a little googling on the different kool-aid dye methods, who knew there were so many ways to do it!  I opted for the overnight treatment rather than boiling water for the safety of my locks. I found this site pretty helpful, I did not follow all the directions to the T,  below you will find the YUPPYSCUM methof of dying your hair with Kool-Aid.

Here are some supplies  you will you need:

  • Kool-aid DUH! (I basically just raided the supermarket, and bought a bunch of packets, mostly which contained pinkish and contents since I was aiming for pink hair) make sure you get sugar-free
  • Conditioner -- any kind will do, I used a leave in treatment I had around the house
  • Gloves, so you are not stuck with stained hands
  • Cups and a mixing tool (I used a popsicle stick)
  • Foil
  • Vinegar ( I think this makes it last longer?)
  • A t-shirt & towel you do not mind getting stained, this gets REALLY messy

Since it must be kept in overnight, I suggest doing this activity on a night you plan on staying in. The following color testing steps are not featured in the images above. I started out by adding about 3 of the pink lemonaid and 1 strawberry kool-aid packs to the cup, and then just went HAM. I basically just mixed around the different powders of the “redish-pink flavors”. You can test the color but pouring a pinch of your concoction in running water. This is pretty much trial and error until you find a mix you are happy with.

Next I mixed in equal parts conditioner. I stirred it up to a creamy paste. If it gets to thick, add a few drops of water. I than added literally a drop (with an eyedropper ) of vinegar into it, and mixed it up some more.

If you are dying anything close to your scalp, apply vasaline to the hair line, since I was just doing the “dip-dye” effect, this was not a concern for me. I picked out a strand of hair, and since I had some hair chalk left it from previously, I squirted it down with water. Make sure you have your gloves on for this part,  being the YUPPYSCUM that I am,  I didn’t bother with a highlighting brush or anything of that matter.  I just took a generous scoop of the paste, and lathered it it onto my hair, massaging it in, as I fully covered the hair. Once the hair is submerged in color, it is time to cover it in foil. This part was not as easy as my fabulous hair dresser makes it look, my foils leaned more to the sketchy side. Just make sure you seal them up good because they will ooze and drip out. Repeat as many times as your desired looked requires ( I did a couple testers). Once your foils are secure, WALAH you are done! Well, not quite, prep your pillow case with a towel for leakage. As you drift off to sleep, the term BEAUTY sleep never rang so true, your Kool-Aid foils will be dying your hair, and at the same time your locks gets a nice deep conditioning treat. I kept mine in for probably 8 hrs or so, not quite sure, but the longer you leave them in the more vibrant the color.  Once you awake, rinse the color (or Kool-Aid) off each strand individually in the before you shower!

My Kool-Aid dye job lasted well over a month, my type of hair actually benefits from being washed less, and so does my color. At first my color came out a little more orange, but within a few weeks (and washes)it faded into the perfect neon pink. It was subtle and electric at the same time. The pinkish-orange color shown in the bottom two pictures were the results after the 2nd time washed, and I swear it kept getting brighter. I chalked the ends with purple to create a rainbow ombre effect.

I hoped you enjoyed this YUPPYSCUM Kool-Aid DIY dye job! I had a lot of fun doing it, and the next rainy night, grab your best friend, or in my case Jorge, and have some fun experimenting with colors. Let me know how it comes out!!

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